Halsnæs Trading was founded in 2014 by Kim signed Bøgelund in Frederiksværk.

The interest in cars and mechanics goes back to childhood, where I tried to separate anything, to see what was inside. As much school tired 14 year old I started as a cowardly boy at an auto mechanic and later became a journeyman place. Now here many years later, interest in mechanics still just great, but now most focused on vintage cars and motorcycles.
The interest in mechanics / engineering is passed to both sons, they work respectively as an electrician and mechanic.

For several restoration projects of both cars and motorcycles, I learned how much time it took to obtain the relevant parts and how difficult it can eventually be all to find them. Several times I had to go abroad to buy them. Therefore the idea arose to Halsnæs Trading.
The vision is to make a clear and user-friendly web shop with the main focus on older parts. Creating a place where people with similar interests can turn and hopefully find what they are missing and if the part is not in stock, we will try to obtain it.

For me it means to preserve old cars, the same as to maintain a small part of the story to subsequent generations.